project  Henry’s Honey 

client  Self-initiated project from online brief 

type  Branding 

role  Lead designer  

Henry's honey

Branding & package design for luxury organic honey. 

Design guidelines:  clean and modern, using a minimalist aesthetic to reflect the high-end nature of the product.   

Brief- ‘Henry’s Honey’ is a premium British company that prides itself on producing luxury, organic honey. They are looking for a brand new logo and label design that represents the high-end, pure honey that ‘Henry’s’ produce.

Solution- In this project minimalism and typography convey a sense of sophistication and exclusivity. Bold black letters with a linear treatment create a label that is simple yet distinguishable from budget brands. The decoration is kept to a minimum for the exception of engravings of wildflowers. These illustrations speak of the organic nature of the product.

The design relies primarily on typography and a black and white color scheme to convey a sense of luxury an sophistication.


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